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Drip Dispersal

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Innovative Drip Dispersal, Water Reuse, and Wastewater Products

100% Eco FriendlyWater pollution is one of the main concerns of the world today.
Ninety seven percent of the water on earth is salt water leaving less than 3 percent as fresh water. From that, just 3 percent can be taken from lakes, rivers and streams. During the past century, water consumption has increased more than twice the rate of the worldwide population growth. The rising numbers of people moving into large cities, the increased amount of agriculture around the world and the overconsumption of water in industrialized nations has led to decreasing water quality. These are alarming statistics.

What can be done?
Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the world's supply of clean, fresh water is steadily decreasing. Thanks to new innovations and new awareness around the world, we can start to see those statistics change. Methods such as; Rainwater Capture and Drip Dispersal reuse wastewater and help us to get back one of our most valuable resources, water.

The Benefits:
Drip dispersal provides cost effective and environmentally beneficial dispersal and reuse of wastewater into the ground. Environmentally sustainable harvested rainwater can be used for a number of everyday purposes. Call or email us today to learn more about all our earth-friendly, innovative products.

Oakson, Inc. brings innovative products to the marketplace.

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Oakson, Inc. • Phone: 978-282-1322 • Fax: 978-282-1318
6 Sargent Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
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